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Child Paths is a user-friendly application designed to provide a more effective communication between childcare providers, parents and guardians. The easy to use app means you can access all the information at the touch of a button.

The concept was born from the personal experience of Child Paths Founder Ciaran Flynn. When his daughter was placed with a childcare provider he discovered the processes available for reporting on her development and realised that this could be improved upon.

Child Paths is the result of an extensive period of research, development, design and on-site testing. Child Paths recognised they could simplify the reporting side of business for childcare providers whilst at the same time giving parents and guardians the means to become more actively involved in their children’s lives.

Child Paths is encouraging childcare providers and parents to build a digital footprint of a child’s journey from toddler to teen which highlights the milestones, optimises communication and maximises time for the children.

Child Paths research uncovered that one of the greatest frustrations for childcare providers was the time required for paperwork. Child Paths realised that reporting is essential for both the welfare of a child and the development of the childcare facility and that is where Child Paths app provides a solution. The solution minimises time and effort required for record-keeping which gives child care providers more time to spend on what most important, the children.

Childcare providers log activities for each child such as sleeping, feeding or play-time, via a tablet computer to a central system. This information is then accessible for internal reporting or for parents who require feedback on their child’s progress.

Child Paths software is compliant with Aistear and Siolta – the early childhood curriculum and quality guidelines. The app’s real-time reporting ensures childcare providers comply with many of the standards set out by Siolta doing away with time-consuming paperwork. Depending on the size of the facility, childcare providers can save on average 1,250 hours a year using our software. Child Paths will benefit not only the large childcare facilities but the smaller facilities too.
Web Awards Semi Finalist
Since its launch Child Paths has qualified as a semi finalist in the “Best website of a startup” category at the Web Awards and has also featured in a Sunday World exclusive