Valenciaport Foundation


GREENCRANES (Web-based data modelling and visualisation application)


The Valenciaport Foundation is a non-profit private entity working with the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), in collaboration with other associations, companies and institutions.

The GREENCRANES project objective was to study and define methods to measure and model Port Container Terminal (PCT) energy profiles. The research involved the analysis of eco-efficient technologies to reduce PCTs’ greenhouse gas emissions, whilst increasing their productivity.

Pilot projects were carried out to test and measure the different methods and technologies. The results were analysed to define standards, encourage investment and roll out of these methods and technologies across Europe.

In particular, GREENCRANES aim is to test electricity-powered rubber tired gantry (RTG) cranes and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered reach stackers using software and energy monitoring tools.


The Valenciaport Foundation developed a series of data models using Excel spreadsheets to compare the cost of running a PCT using a traditional approach, versus investing in the new eco-efficient technologies over a number of years. The models were originally created around Valencia Port facilities. The models needed to be standardised and parameterised so they could be reused by other PCTs.

The Valenciaport Foundation required a solution to enable other PCTs input and execute parameters against the models and obtain results. The application had to be accessible to other companies and institutions, as well as providing users with the facility to save and compare results.


Software Design developed a web based implementation of these data models. The application provides users with secure access to create and save queries with different parameters. Users may choose to enter data manually or upload a csv excel file to the system.

UK/US and European formats are supported. The outputs are presented on a multi-tabbed page with tabulated results and 2D & 3D charts.

The application is highly customisable, flexible and extendible allowing new models to be added easily. The application was deployed on a cloud infrastructure so it can scale and handle increased demand.


The application enabled Valenciaport Foundation to share the models and results of the GREENCRANES project. PCT authorities around the world have been able to benefit from the system and compare their current PCT configurations against the new eco-efficient one. The application has provided many PCTs with valuable and actionable insights when upgrading their current RTG and Terminal Tractor units.

Software Design reviewed, analysed and improved the original models supplied by GREENCRANES resulting in a more robust and accurate calculations.


ASPNET MVC, EF, MS SQL Server, Unity MVC, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, knockout.js, SurfacePlot.js