Courtlough Shooting Grounds
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About Courtlough Shooting Grounds

Courtlough Shooting Grounds was established in 1996 by former Irish Olympian Richard Flynn and his son William, also an International grade shooter and Irish team member. Since its formation, Courtlough has expanded to become Ireland’s premier shooting grounds. The retail arm of their business sells accessories, clothing and footwear for shooting, hunting and fishing.

Client Brief

The client felt that they needed to upgrade to a dedicated ecommerce platform, having previously used a bolt-on solution which didn’t offer all of the functionality they needed. The new online store should primarily target those who are interested in Country outdoor pursuits such as shooting and fishing. The secondary market is those who may have never experienced such activities and would like to try something new.

Our Solution

We designed and developed an enterprise online store on the Magento platform. The store will be scalable and highly customisable, including any future integrations with third party software applications. The website was built using responsive design, for optimal display on mobile and tablet devices.


Q & A with Liam Flynn, Director, Courtlough Shooting Grounds.

What business obstacles or challenges have been tackled, by redeveloping your website?

Our previous website had an option to purchase some products online but it was not performing to its full capabilities. We realised we needed a fully functional ecommerce site to promote and develop the retail arm of our business selling shooting, hunting and fishing related accessories, clothing and footwear. Software Design pointed us in the right direction with the choice of the right ecommerce platform.

What are the key results that you have seen since the new website launched?

We have seen increased footfall into the store and also our shooting grounds. We have also seen a slight increase in sales in the first 3 months of the year but we expect that to grow significantly throughout the year and especially around the Christmas period.

What specific feature(s) do you like most about the new website?

We liked the choice of the ecommerce platform as it is fully integrated across the various technologies that we use. The website also provides great advertising for other areas of our business. Finally, it is a great shop window to showcase all the products that we sell.

Would you recommend Software Design?

Yes, I would recommend Software Design. They are a very knowledgeable company, who offered us great advice and really went out of their way to ensure the project ran smoothly from start to finish.  Everything from the initial consultation to the final stages and launch of the site was a really easy process.