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Principles for Exceptional and Innovative Experiences

TL:DR – Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive and is a vital business growth strategy. Authentic empathy for your customers is a valid and proven success metric. The first speaker at the DLR Summit on June 13th discussed the positive impact of great customer experiences. Edmund Dueck of Liferay outlined the need for innovative customer […]
Start with Why

Start with Why?

TL:DR According to Microsoft’s Andrew Macadam, asking Why? is the best place to start for an enriching customer experience. Andrew spoke at the recent DLR Summit. Andrew, in his role as Customer Success Lead, is wholly focused on the customer. Highlighting some great customer centric strategies, he prompted great discussions during the DLR Summit. Today’s […]
Digital Health and eCommerce

Digital Health of Irish SMEs

  TL:DR – A digital presence can generate an annual €24,000 in additional revenue for an SME. Covering the Irish online SME landscape, David Curtin focused on the ”Digital Health Index’. The IEDR have registered over 250,000 Irish domains, so they know a thing or two about the digital landscape. The Digital Health Index is an […]
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Business Challenges and Digital Transformation

TL: DR – Arekibo’s Head of Strategy, Fergal McHugh discussed the challenges associated with Digital Transformation at the DLR Summit. Digital Transformation and Growth Hacking are two buzzwords often heard in the boardroom. While misunderstood by many, neither phrase is going to disappear anytime soon.  ‘Digital Transformation’ is not a fad. According to Fergal, ‘it […]
DLR Summit 2018

DLR Summit – Digital Transformation and Cloud First

Software Design will be attending the upcoming DLR Summit on Wednesday 13th of June.  This event, supported by Digital Dun Laoghaire and Bank of Ireland, will focus on ‘Digital Transformation’ and features a packed agenda with some great speakers. We are looking forward to hearing from Andrew Macadam, who heads up the Customer Success unit […]