3 Benefits of Having a Web Protection Plan

Having a web protection plan is akin to having an insurance plan for your health, home, or car.


You hope you’ll never need to use it, but it’s reassuring to know that should anything go awry, you’re covered.


What is a web protection plan?


A web protection plan is a contract for ongoing support and maintenance services, and a valuable tool for the continuous success of your website or application.


Plans vary, but generally speaking, they’re designed to provide you with extra assurance about the security, reliability and reputation of your software.


Typical activities in a plan include:


  • Bug fixing
  • Backup testing
  • Installing footwear upgrades
  • Monitoring server uptimes
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Malware scanning


Essentially, web protection plans keep things running smoothly so you can concentrate on meeting your overall business objectives.


Why would I need a plan?


It’s a common misconception that once a website or application is built, it will work flawlessly forever.  But if not kept up to date, your software system can quickly become outdated, unstable and even susceptible to exploitation.


Instances where support and maintenance are required include the following:


  • Web interfaces are built for current, modern, standards compliant browser. However, browsers are continuously updated and new versions may introduce issues that require your website or application to be modified accordingly.
  • Updates and changes to the underlying libraries, components or operating system may require that similar updates be made to your website or application.
  • Issues may arise during normal operation in relation to performance, capacity or  infrastructure problems which may require intervention and remedial action be taken.
  • Obscure bugs manifest themselves many months after your website or application has been delivered.


Just like a house requires plumbing and wiring from time to time, website and applications need to be serviced regularly to avoid cracks appearing.


If seemingly harmless nuisances are ignored, they can manifest. And the repercussions for ignoring these issues can be costly and time consuming. Not to mention detrimental to your brand reputation.


Having a web protection plan in place means you have a dedicated support team proactively protecting your website or application from harm, as well as reactively dealing with unprecedented issues.


Key Benefits


We understand that having a web protection plan in place may not be top of your priority list. You’ve got things like site traffic, conversion rates and content to worry about. But why invest valuable time and money in building your application or website if you’re not going to protect that investment? In order to attract and retain customers and maintain search engine rankings, web protection is key.


Still not convinced? We’ve identified the three key benefits of having a plan in place.


1. Reduces Security Risks


Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day. If your website is not up to date, it is highly vulnerable.


At this point, its worth reminding you that prevention is better than cure.


Having a web protection plan in place ensures that the latest security updates are being applied to your content management system. This greatly reduces the risk of exploitation and also gives you reassurance that your data, and that of your customers, is secure. This is especially significant in the context of stringent, new GDPR requirements.


Mobile and web applications are also affected by security threats, and a web protection plan means you have a contingency plan in place for dealing with them.


Security maintenance solutions in our web protection plan include:


  • Monitoring firewall logs
  • Checking the status of security updates
  • Enforcing password policies
  • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Investigation suspicious activity


2. Improves User Experience


Trends evolve and user requirements change.


With the right web protection plan, you can ensure that your users continue to have a positive experience as enhancements are made to your website or application. Afterall, it takes more than clever UX design and engaging content to win over users. If a website doesn’t function properly it will leave a negative impression with users.


Think of a time when you tried to add an item to a shopping cart on a retail app, only for that item to have timed out before you got to the checkout page. Or an occasion when you exited a web page in frustration because it took more than 30 seconds to load.


These glitches can be forgiven if they happen infrequently. But repeated offences can turn users away. And the truth is, they can be easily avoided with regular upkeep.


Under a web protection plan, your system’s maintenance is monitored regularly and the necessary patches, service packs and updates are installed as necessary. These activities  give you peace of mind that your system’s software is stable and up to date, which encourages usability.


3. Cost Effective


With a web protection plan, the maintenance and support activities necessary to protect your software are carried out on a monthly basis. This means the cost of protecting your website or application can be managed effectively.


While to many, this level of service may seem unnecessary, in reality, it is more cost beneficial to regularly make small updates than to try and to and patch large issues which have been building up over time.


It’s worth remembering that what may seem like a small undertaking, may in fact be quite a complex fix. Being charged an all inclusive fee for regular (as opposed to ad hoc) system maintenance, security maintenance and bug fixing, could potentially save you money in the long run.


Final Thoughts

Elements of a website or application generally stop functioning properly when something about their environment changes. It is not possible or practical to predict or mitigate all eventualities and as such, a degree or support and maintenance is required in order to ensure your website or application runs smoothly and meets your overall business objectives.


To learn more about what’s included in our Web Protection Plan, please email sales@softwaredesign.ie or call +353 1 522 7690.