Better late than never: Welcome to the Software Design blog

Hello and welcome to the Software Design blog!


As Communications Officer for the company, it’s my job to tell the world who we are, what we do and why we’re great. But no one likes a show off. So consider this blog a forum for picking up insights, tips and news on the role of technology in business, as told by us. And if you’ve just stumbled across this blog, allow me to introduce Software Design to you.


We’re an award winning software design and development agency, providing solutions in web and mobile app development, UX design, eCommerce and bespoke software, to name a few.


We’ve been operating for over 13 years and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you that will hopefully inform, enlighten and inspire.


So what can you expect from this blog? Well, we’ll be covering topics such as cyber security, GDPR, eCommerce integration and app development; as well as sharing case studies and interviewing industry experts.


We’ll also be introducing you to the Software Design team so you can get to know the faces behind the projects, starting off with brothers Paul and Gavin Doherty who established the business in 2004.



So whether you’re embarking on a new software project or you’re seeking new ways to innovate your existing technology, we hope you’ll drop by to see what we have to say. And because collaborative engagement is at the forefront of everything we do, we welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments you may have for the blog.


If you’d like to get in touch with us, please email or call (01) 522 7690.