Business Challenges and Digital Transformation

TL: DR – Arekibo’s Head of Strategy, Fergal McHugh discussed the challenges associated with Digital Transformation at the DLR Summit.

Digital Transformation and Growth Hacking are two buzzwords often heard in the boardroom. While misunderstood by many, neither phrase is going to disappear anytime soon.  ‘Digital Transformation’ is not a fad. According to Fergal, ‘it is a real opportunity to grow your organisation, pivoting around a more valuable, flexible digital capability’.

But what exactly does that mean?

Digital Transformation has never been more important. We live in a time when organisations such as Apple and Amazon continue to reinvent themselves. Transformation is not isolated to technology companies. Traditional manufacturing companies are also making the move to more dynamic processes. Transformation is both a competitive advantage and an opportunity to change a customer’s perception of the brand.

Innovation and Digital Transformation go hand in hand. The process starts with innovation but true success and competitiveness comes with Digital Transformation.

While the starting point might appear daunting, Digital Transformation produces beneficial results. To start a process of Digital Transformation we have built a flexible strategy that starts with the end in mind. When working with clients, we ask the core question: What does success look like?

Start with the end in mind

Once a client knows what success means to them, we get to work. We map out short term goals, based on future success metrics. These metrics shape the Digital Transformation strategy. This offers a clear path for all stakeholders and staff alike. Buy in across the organisation is vital as Digital Transformation is a cultural change, impacting the organisation greatly.

Focusing on customer experience ensures a focused view from an external standpoint. This driving force within the buying cycle is already digitally transformed as customers are invariably one step ahead of the curve. When testing new initiatives, your customer should be top of mind. Fergal discussed the need to step outside their comfort zones and take the customer view.

In a ‘digital first’ world, customers expect a digital approach, from online shopping to hailing taxis.

Customers expect:

  • Customised experiences.
  • Increased speed and agility of customer journeys.
  • Great design.
  • Automated communication options.

Analysing the ‘end-to-end customer experience’ is only one part of the puzzle. Technical analysis, blended with marketing offers the best chance of success.

When looking to transform your business, it helps to have an experienced partner. Software Design works with clients who are going through the Digital Transformation process. Our ‘Team Augmentation‘ service offers deep partnership options, ensuring that our team become an extension of yours.

We work with management and the wider team to identify, implement and drive real change. If you would like to discuss the opportunities that Digital Transformation can bring, click here.