IEDR seeking public consultation on dot ie domain registration

The IEDR is currently seeking public consultation on a proposal to remove the ‘claim to name’ requirement from its registration and naming policy.


At present, if you want to apply for a new dot ie (.ie) domain, you must prove your connection to island of Ireland along with your identity and claim to the name. If the proposal is accepted however, the legitimate claim to the name requirement will be dropped  from the registration process.


The proposed change will essentially make dot ie domains available on a first come first served basis to anybody with a tangible connection to Ireland. As such, the IEDR are advising Irish businesses who have not yet registered a dot ie domain for their business websites to do so before a competitor takes the name. 


As of today, there are 232,883 dot ie domains in existence with a total of 27,091 new registrations so far this year. 


The liberalisation of the registration process is being proposed in order to make it faster and easier for those with a real Irish connection to get a dot ie domain. But the IEDR also hope the change will enable further growth of the dot ie domain, especially with Irish small office, home office and micro businesses.


In principle, the IEDR’s policy advisory committee, board of directors and key stakeholders have already approved the policy change. Public consultation is now being sought in line with the 10 Step IE Policy Development Process and subject to final consensus, the new policy will be implemented in early 2018.


Feedback is being requested via the IEDR website and the deadline for voicing your opinion is September 30th. If you would like to register for a dot ie domain, please click here. 


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