Meet the team: Aleksei Jusev

Software Design is nothing without its people, so we’d like to introduce you to some of the friendly faces who shape our team.

In this instalment, we meet motorbike loving Aleksei Jusev, one of our lead developers.

Aleksei Jusev, Lead Developer


How did you find your way to Software Design?


Back in year 2011 I was finishing up the last year of my Bachelor’s Degree in Griffith College Dublin when I started to think about getting a job. My exams finished up in May and I took a week over before starting the job hunt. I knew I didn’t want to use an employment agency so I started to research IT companies that employ people directly. The first company I found was Software Design and I knew instantly that I wanted to work there. I sent in my application and within a week, I was employed.


Tell us a bit about your role and how you contribute to the agency?


My role within the company is mainly as a Software Developer, which means I work with a variety of technologies and projects. Over the past few years, this role become not only about development, but also about leading developers within the team. As one of the Lead Developers, it’s my job to oversee other developers so we deliver quality work.


What do you like most about working for Software Design?


The variety of projects that Software Design receives and the number of programming languages that are involved is truly a benefit. These aspects not only help us grow within one specific area, but also become stronger as developers by applying development knowledge and expertise we have learned in variety of different programming languages.


What has been your proudest moment at Software Design?


Architecting and developing a mobile application for DPD to extend their customer services to the mobile area. After the successful delivery of the project and several months in the marketplace, the DPD Parcel Wizard app has been nominated for several awards and won the 2016 Net Visionary Award for Best Mobile Service or Applications when it first launched.


What excites you most about the tech industry in general?


It’s exciting to work in the tech industry because it’s always evolving. It never stays in the same place. New ideas are constantly being brought to life and getting used in our daily lives. I like being a part of that.


How do you unwind after work?


I’m quite a spiritual person so enjoy reading the Bible after a long day in the office.


If you have a software project you’d like to discuss further, please email or call +353 1 522 7690.