Meet the Team: Dina Werstak, Project Manager

Software Design is nothing without its people, so we’d like to introduce you to some of the friendly faces who shape our team.

First up is Dina Werstak, one of our project managers. She may be small in stature but what she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality!

Dina Werstak, Project Manager

How did you find your way to Software Design?


I began my career working as a Computer Skills teacher in my native Brazil. Following that, I worked in finances and as a software engineer before graduating in computer science. This new qualification triggered an exciting career working in business analysis, system analysis and project management.

A few years later, I moved to Ireland and since being here have had the chance to manage some interesting projects involving global software development and mobile applications, across multicultural and remote teams.

I started working for Software Design earlier this year.


Tell us a bit about your role and how you contribute to the agency?


My role focuses on improving processes, communication, performance, and quality. I plan and define project scopes, activities, schedules and estimations; ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. With every project I manage, I strive to help businesses succeed in the virtual world and fulfil Software Design’s vision of delivering quality software.


What do you like most about working for Software Design?


I enjoy having the flexibility to work with a large variety of technologies. Collaborating with a group of brilliant professionals is another reason I like working here. Being able to grow together as a team and adapting to different business requirements as they approach Software Design makes going to work every day both challenging and rewarding.


What in your opinion makes Software Design unique?


The capacity to support and deliver such a large variety of projects and the multi technological and multicultural work environment.


What excites you most about the tech industry in general?


The number of problems we are able to resolve using technology is magical and motivational. It improves human standards of living and boosts the economy. The industry is constantly evolving and technological advances are being made in so many areas of society such as transport, communications, and research. It truly has the power to transform every aspect of life, which is exciting.


How do you unwind after work?


I enjoy new things such as playing instruments, coding, editing videos and photos, etc. Meditation, swimming and music are also part of my free time – and of course a pint with friends!


What animal do you most identify with?




Finally, if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Fruits and vegetables. Joking! Tiramisu, fried banana with ice cream or chocolate cake!


If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you meet your business requirements, email You can check out some of the projects Dina has worked on here.