Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in international markets.

To date, Software Design has collaborated with Enterprise Ireland on three significant digital projects which have supported the expansion of the organisation: 

- Irish Advantage, a secondary website for global audiences
- Lean Business Ireland, an online resource for Irish businesses 
- Growth Hub, a learning management system




UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Bespoke front-end development, WordPress / Magento integration


 "The Software Design team did an amazing job delivering the Lean Business Ireland website and it garnered high praise and very positive feedback when it was officially launched at an Enterprise Ireland event. I feel the website has really set the bar high for future website projects within Enterprise Ireland and it demonstrates the power of WordPress as a platform for handling complex website deployments. " 
John Duffy, Senior IT Specialist, Enterprise Ireland 


Irish Advantage
The Irish Advantage, a secondary website to Enterprise Ireland, informs a global business audience of the key benefits of engaging with Irish business partners.

Our team of designers and developers delivered a multi language, responsive design website with a contemporary feel. In collaboration with Atomic.  


Lean Business Ireland
Lean Business Ireland is an online resource for companies seeking to adopt lean business principles. Our UX and UI team collaborated with Enterprise Ireland during the life cycle of the project.  

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