Renew Therapy

Renew Health Limited was established in Europe to accelerate the large-scale commercialisation of innovative and patentable technologies.

Software Design was approached to design a website to showcase the organisation as a leading provider of  Renew ECP Therapy. 

There was a requirement for the Renew Therapy website to present complicated medical information about ECP in a clear, understandable manner for three different use cases and user types. It was also imperative that it demonstrated the value of the product outside of it's traditional medical centred application. 

Following a thorough UX process, we created an elegant, informative and user friendly brochure website. Tailored to the various personas and user journeys, the website highlights the benefits of Renew ECP Therapy for sports people, health and wellness users and angina patients. It's also localised to support Renew Therapy as it enters new markets.

Video and photography were incorporated to give the website a contemporary feel, and powerful search functionality was also implemented. 




UX design, UI design, Art Direction, App development, Bespoke front-end development
Better circulation, better health. 

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