Repak is a not for profit member owned company whose aim is to facilitate and grow packaging recycling in Ireland. 

Software Design was given the objective of redesigning the Repak website and delivering a best in class digital presence that would add value to current members, attract new non compliant members and grow brand awareness. 

We conducted comprehensive user experience research before launching into the design and development phases. The end result is a website that is 
informational, responsive and user friendly website with strong branding and a modernised user interface. 

The website was redesigned and developed on the original WordPress template.  


WordPress, WP Engine


UX Design, UI Design, WordPress, 

Fresh & friendly

Defined sectors
To make it easier for users to navigate between the household and business sectors, our UX team created separate portals on the homepage. 


Members' Lounge
We added the Members' Lounge section to the member's area of the website to enable Repak to effectively engage and communicate with their members. 


Search Recycling Facilities 
We redesigned the Recycling Facilities page to create a more interactive experience for the user. Throughout the website, we introduced more iconography, graphics, photography and videography to give the pages a more contemporary feel. 

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