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Our Proactive Support & Maintenance Plan is designed to ensure that best practices and proper procedures are in place with regards to your website, server and application security. 
We offer different types of plans to meet the level of support and maintenance you need. Features include: access to support helpdesk, uptime monitoring, blacklist monitoring, daily backups, malware scanning and vulnerability scanning. 

We ensure that your software systems are up to date and patched against known vulnerabilities, minimising the risk to your business and providing you with extra assurance about the security, reliability and resilience of your website, application or software system. 

In addition to proactively ensuring your system runs smoothly, the support element of the plan guarantees that any unprecedented issues encountered will be investigated by our dedicated support team as required.

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Automated Malware, Vulnerability Scanning & Regular Back Ups  
Software updates occur frequently and it is simply impossible and impractical to predict or mitigate all eventualities. As such, a degree of support and maintenance is required in order to ensure your website, application or server runs smoothly and remains secure.

Failure to have adequate measures in place could lead to your own software system becoming outdated, unstable and susceptible to exploitation.

Automated malware scanning, vulnerability scanning and back up testing are just some of the activities included in our Proactive Support & Maintenance Plan to safeguard your website, server or application.

We ensure the latest security updates are being applied which greatly reduces the risk of exploitation and provides reassurance about the safety of yours and your customers data.  


Ongoing Maintenance with an Experienced Team 
It is not uncommon for issues to arise during normal operation in relation to performance, capacity or infrastructure problems. These issues may require intervention and remedial action be taken.

Our Proactive Support and Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind that your website, application and software systems are being monitored by experienced developers, so potential threats are detected early and dealt with to the highest standards.  
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Disaster Recovery & Bug Fixing
Obscure bugs can manifest themselves many months after your website or application has been delivered. These can threaten the performance and security of your software, which in turn may have a negative affect on your customer's experience and damage your online reputation. 

Having a contingency plan in place to deal with such occurrences is best practice. Our Proactive Support & Maintenance Plan improves the resilience of your application, website or software system. It  includes bug fixing and disaster recovery of core systems, so your business can quickly bounce back from unprecedented disruptions. 

Team Augmentation

Our Team Augmentation solution uses our expertise to extend your team's capabilities and capacities, helping you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

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