Start with Why?

TL:DR According to Microsoft’s Andrew Macadam, asking Why? is the best place to start for an enriching customer experience. Andrew spoke at the recent DLR Summit.

Sean Gilley_Terroirs_Andrew MacAdam_MicrosoftAndrew, in his role as Customer Success Lead, is wholly focused on the customer. Highlighting some great customer centric strategies, he prompted great discussions during the DLR Summit.

Today’s competitive landscape ensures no brand can rest on their laurels. Long established brands such as GE, Coca Cola and Exxon have all disappeared from customer sentiment leaderboards in recent years. With that in mind, Andrew recommended ‘hitting refresh on our own agendas’. Where there are problems in your organisation, there are also opportunities. Andrew encourages us all to embrace these opportunities with the help of technology . In his opinion, technology is a great equaliser. Only our imaginations can stifle innovation in our organisations as technology is limitless.

But what does all this mean in our organisations?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast: The power of culture should never be underestimated. Strategies should be shared across the organisation to ensure full alignment and adoption. If your staff are not onboard, especially customer facing staff, your plans risk failure. Staff must also be dedicated to the organisation as they are the main touchpoint for most clients.

Technology is accessible to all: The democratisation of technology has made it more accessible than ever before. Even the cash strapped organisations can create low cost websites. These small steps can lead to greater success.

Use technology to your advantage:  With all this innovations comes a risk of under utilisation. In our experience, we have found that some digital projects can disappoint. This is more often than not as a result of poor insights or a lack of alignment.

In Software Design, we work with clients to develop strategic plans that are aligned with the long term commercial vision. Our Team Augmentation service ensures that we are with clients at each stage of the process. This ensures alignment, clear training for staff and buy in at stakeholder level. We work with your team on a short, medium or long term basis, depending on the needs of your organisation.

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